Better Ice. Better Price. New trends in energy saving ice makers are paving the way for cost reduction and efficiency.

Since the 1980's, household refrigerator ice makers have traditionally been the same - an aluminum tray is automatically filled with water and when it's frozen solid, a motor heats up the tray to eject the ice into a holding bin. This process can create a staggering increase in the overall energy consumption of the refrigerator, in some cases up to 20% or more depending on the configuration, which can make a significant dent in consumers' pocket books. In addition, the motor also warms the entire freezer box, causing food to be slightly thawed and re-frozen throughout the day, affecting food quality over time.

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DEsign, engineering, manufacturing & assembly services

Hankscraft's OEM Division

Our OEM Division provides design and engineering services, turnkey and build to specifications product manufacturing, box-build and product assembly services for a wide variety of mechanical, electronic and electro-mechanical products.

design & engineering

Discover our comprehensive mechanical and electrical product design and engineering customized to your needs. Our experienced, creative and innovative engineering team has the expertise to support a diverse variety of product designs and technical requirements.

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Complete assembly

Your competitive advantage:  Our discrete turnkey and build to spec manufacturing and assembly services.  Hankscraft has the experience for virtually any electro-mechanical product. Many iconic international companies in the consumer product and industrial product markets rely on Hankscraft as their manufacturing and assembly partner.

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• Motors - Sub-fractional, AC & DC
• Electronics - PCBs, LEDs, controls and sensors
• Plastics - Simple to highly engineered, small to large injection molded and thermoformed products.
• Metal - Stampings of brass, steel, stainless steel, and plated materials.

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